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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the thinkydoers.social moderators.

  1. This is an anti-racist, trans-inclusive feminist, and LGBTQ+ friendly and welcome server.
  2. We use CWs (content warnings) liberally and not only as “trigger warnings.” CWs enable consent: using them lets folks who see your posts decide what they do and don’t wish to click to expand.
  3. That said: Black community members, members of underrepresented or historically oppressed communities and cultures may choose as they wish about CWs especially when posting about racism. White fragility will be moderated / educated about on this server.
  4. Harassment and/or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and/or transphobia — whether overt, casual, or ignorance-based — will be called in by moderators, and will not be tolerated.
  5. Please DO report hurtful or harmful behavior (which does not include interactions that trigger white fragility). In response to abuse reports, I will block outside users and problematic servers to help ensure that the Thinkydoers community is a safe and welcoming place without harassment or abuse.
  6. Account registrations are monitored and accounts considered spam (including commercial advertising, political campaigning / propaganda, duplicate accounts or accounts impersonating others) will be moderated or removed.
  7. No law-breaking. I’m still a lawyer, so please. Our laws matter. This server is moderated under U.S. law on a host located in Estonia. Don’t make me read a statute, please.